Services for Residents



An NHS chiropodist visits Meadowfields every six weeks for residents who are diabetic, and every three months or so for all other residents. We can also arrange for private chiropodists to visit if residents prefer.


Optometrists visit approximately every 6 months, and provide prescriptions that can be used to order spectacles from them, or from a different optician if you wish.



Residents may wish to continue visiting your own dentist. If they prefer, though, we can arrange for a local dentist to visit the home.



A pay phone is available for you to make any calls. In-coming calls can be taken privately in the manager’s office. Residents can have a telephone installed in their rooms, if they pay the cost of installation, rental charges and the on-going bills.


General Practitioners

Several GPs serve the home. Our residents can register with a local GP of their choice, or remain registered with their own GP, if practical. Travel to appointments to see GPs or for hospital appointments is arranged with relatives or friends.

Meadowfields can arrange transport, and a member of staff to accompany a resident, for which a fee will be charged. Any costs incurred during an emergency are met by Meadowfields.