As we all get older, there comes a point when we look to the future to consider the time when we might need extra support to get on with life. Here at Northgate Healthcare, our aim is to be there for people when they want to start thinking about what that support will be like for them.

Everyone is different, and we aim to treat people like the individuals they are. People need different things at different times, and that is especially the case with the care they need to continue to enjoy life.

We provide a range of care options for residents, on a permanent or temporary basis. This care can be defined in three main categories:

Choosing the right care home

If you are thinking of coming into care home, we recommend that you try to visit as many care homes in your preferred areas as possible, and take along family and friends to see what they think as well.

This will allow you to see the different types of homes and the different levels of care they offer.

If, as part of that process, you want to visit us, and see what sets our homes apart, you will be warmly welcomed. The whole Northgate team is very proud of the homes we run, and enjoy sharing in the good work we do.

What makes our care homes different

We are a family run care provider, and we think this is an important part of what makes our care homes a little bit special. Our directors ask themselves: would I be happy for one of my relatives to live in one of our homes? And the answer is yes.

All our care home managers are fully trained and extremely passionate in delivering the highest quality of care for residents.

This includes planning care for each resident as individuals, recruiting and leading the best staff, and putting in place procedures that are guaranteed to meet the Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards.

Our aim is to support people so they can continue to enjoy life, lead independent lives, contribute to their communities, be with relatives and friends, be who they are.

If you have concerns about your future care, and you want to know what options are available – and, more importantly, how to get the care you want, call us. We’re here to help.