It is not easy to put into words how much I would like to thank you all for looking after my mum (Dorothy), especially during her last couple of weeks with you.

There was a genuine warmth shown to both her and us her family.

As you may know I and my sister sat with mom for many hours and the staff looked after us all so well.

The girls who where there at the end, please accept a very heart felt than you.

To the tam that make Lane house, and to Gemma, who was always there to answer my many queries, thank doesn’t really cover it.

TO Ashley & mark – there were times when you couldn’t always give me the answers I wanted, but were able to explain and always gave the time to listen. Your genuine care for the residents is so important to relatives.

Very best of whishes’ to you all

Sue and Family

To the Management of Lane House

I have put into writing to let you know how impressed myself and family, friends have been with your newsletter.

My mother Dot Dean is a new resident at Lane House, and it is so lovely to see the photo evidence of all that activities that go on in the home.

Staff having the opportunity to also write in the leaflet was a lovely touch.

Having the agenda of future activity dates is also very useful, and family and friends also look at this finding out when they can come and help / join in.

Well done to all concerned

Mrs Sue Hall

Many, many thank to you all for the excellent way you cared for John during the last six years.

I know he appreciated it and I do too.

I would also like to say a big thank you on my behalf for all the help, support and consideration you gave to me.

I will miss you all x

Very best wishes to you all

Carol barber x

The Lane Family would like to tank you all for the love and care you poured out on dear Pam during her to years with the Lane House Team.

So, now let us celebrate Pam’s life amongst us!! Yes??

I feel the need to express in writing, my gratitude to everyone involved in the running of Lane House.

My mom is Joan Tennant and after a decline in her dementia and a short stay hospital, it became apparent that she was unable to return home. As a family we faced the heart-breaking realization that she needed full time care. We are very aware of all the concerns over ill run care homes and also staff who may not be committed to the kind of care we would want for our Mom. I visited several homes and my worries only grew.

I wish I could convey to you the feeling I had when I entered Lane house, as I met staff and discussed the way in which the resident’s needs, both physically and emotionally, wold be met, I felt such a relief and peace. These initial feeling have been proven to be correct in so many ways and I swish to congratulate EVERY member of staff. I have worked for over 20 years in a care environment and am well aware of how staff moral and work ethics filter down from management, and it is evident that this is important to everyone.

I, and the rest of our family wish to sat thank you for the care and support the entire staff have given to Mom and to each one of us. I can only hope that each one of you is aware of the part you play in our ongoing wish for moms latter years to be peaceful and safe. We all also wish you to know we will support you all in any way we can.

Kind Regards

Vicki Sherriff