Quality living

Our wish at Northgate Healthcare is to provide the highest quality of care, and to do this priority is given to a number of areas relating to the operation of the home and services provided.


Choice of home

Every prospective resident should have the opportunity to choose a home, which suits their needs and abilities. To help with that choice and to ensure that residents know precisely what services are offered at each of our homes, we:
  • Provide detailed information on the home by publishing a statement of purpose and a residents guide
  • Give each resident a contract or a statement of terms and conditions specifying the details of the relationship
  • Ensure that prospective residents have their needs assessed before a decision on admission is taken
  • Assure every person about to be admitted that everything will be done to ensure their assessed needs are met
  • Offer trial visits to the prospective residents and avoid unplanned admissions except in the case of emergency.

We are available to provide you with advice on a confidential basis, either for yourself, a friend or a family member. We recognise that looking for a care home can be a confusing task and we are happy to support you where possible. We are here to assist both with the medical elements as well as fees and funding.

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All this is complemented by support and care delivered by highly trained, dedicated and professional staff who are passionate about providing the best care through care plans that are as unique as you are. Constant dialogue with residents and their families ensure the care level we provide works to support their continued wellbeing.