Autumn House is set over 2 floors, the nursing floor is situated upstairs, and the residential floor is on the ground floor.

We have 29 ensuite bedrooms on the ground floor and 36 ensuite bedrooms upstairs, bath and shower rooms, communal rooms, dining rooms and activities rooms are situated throughout both floors. The laundry room, hair dressing salon are all on the ground floor. A coffee and tea area are situated in the front foyer with chairs and tables situated for your comfort. Water machines are also situated around the home so please help your yourself.



All bedrooms at Autumn House have ensuite facilities, rooms on the nursing floor have specialized beds to assist with resident’s needs, while rooms down stairs have divan style bed unless resident’s needs change and a specialized bed can then be used. All rooms are going to be refurbished if not done so already.. Furniture can be brought in by residents from their previous home to personalize their room.

Bath and shower rooms.

The facilities at Autumn House are very impressive with modern up to date contemporary baths, showers and hoists to accommodate all residents, both floors have these facilities.


Hair Dressing salon.

We have an outside hair dresser who comes in twice a week, recently refurbished, its modern design and equipment means the whole experience for residents is more relaxed and enjoyable. A nail bar is situated in the hair dressing salon, so Ladies can pamper themselves with a complete relaxing experience.

Activities Co Ordinator

Autumn house employs 3 full time activity coordinators, one is situated on each floor and the 3 person is floating to help when larger groups are enjoying activities. We rotate staff on both floors so that staff get to know all the resident’s that reside within the home. All residents have different capabilities and needs, and we never undervalue, discriminate what residents can do or what they can achieve. Northgate Healthcare as a healthcare company are extremely passionate in prompting resident’s choices, respect and dignity.